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Visiting Cards

Visiting Card Design

Your visiting card is not just about your contact information; it is about selling your products and services, and an integral part of any introduction. It is one of the most affordable and effective forms of marketing tools and nothing makes a powerful first impression like your premium business cards. Over the years, visiting cards printing has become a professional task and an almost mandatory requirement for every business.

Types of Visiting Cards

Standard business cards

It comes in standard, slim and square size formats, all offered on our premium papers. It helps to promote the name of the company and create brand awareness in the market. For extra appeal, try adding rounded corners to your card. If you need a business card with a matte writable surface, our uncoated business cards are a great choice. These make excellent appointment cards and have a clean, classic look.

Coloured paper business cards

Show your true colors! We offer a variety of color paper options for your business cards to fit any mood, style or industry. Customers are sure to take a shine to your business card printed on our exclusive range. They are a bold way to make a colourful impression, available in a variety of colours.

Folded business cards

Unusual folding options makes an impression. It allows you to present more imagery and information on a standard business card size, which can be folded into different styles.

Ultra-business cards

Want the most luxurious premium business card on the market? Look no further than the ultra-business card. Our ultra-business cards are an incomparable, deluxe business card, far superior to the rest, making them the only choice when you need to make an impression like no other. Since a super-thick card stands out in a crowd, we provide the thickest card with an eye-catching pop of colour to the edges with our unique inside core.

Die-cut business cards

Need a special shape? Our die-cut business cards offer a selection of both stock shapes and custom options to meet any need. It allows you to create almost any shape you like to really stand out, from circles to leaf-shaped cards. Different sizes and die-cut shapes give an amazing look.

Custom-Made Printing- Just for You

If you are new to the world of custom printing, we have knowledgeable and experienced customer service representatives who can walk you through the process to help you to get a completely original printed piece.

Minimum order quantity

Minimum order quantity varies across products and types. With our exceptional paper stock, exciting color core and vibrant inks, you are going to like our business cards. Our services are easily accessible and very affordable. Cost varies with quantity. Higher the quantity, the lower the price. We add attraction and ignite the curiosity for the services and products you offer, through below approach and presentation:

   We take your business needs into consideration and discuss ideas with you before commencing project.
   We help you grab attention and make a bold, lasting impression.
   Through our design, we communicate your commitment to quality.
   We take your brand to the next level and enable you achieve better visibility.
   We help you stand out from the rest and build your own unique identity.

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