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In-House Bulletins

InHouse Bulletins

Your organization, irrespective of its scale of functioning, geographical location, ownership pattern needs an effective communication. House journal is a very important means for maintaining communication with both internal and external publics and a well-recognized part of your management’s communication process. It is basically a periodic publication for all stakeholders and other interested people. In-house journals are very effective means of communication and are used to foster a sense of loyalty among employees and to build a work culture among them. We help you create beautiful bulletins through which you can communicate information to your congregation which are clear and concise in both content and layout, in order to make it easy for the reader to understand. We offer you an extremely wide capability for printing which would reach:

   Targeted Audience
   Inspired Readers

Inhouse-Bulletins can contain

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Messages from the Administration:

You can disseminate the message from administration to readers and thus create a bridge among the authority and masses by including various achievements and activities, future plans and policies, recognitions for excellence ect. This inturn wills inculcate corporate culture and at the same time, foster a feeling of harmony and mutual trust between the management and employees.

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Creative Space:

You can also have a creative space for your internal members. Every individual has a multi-dimensional personality like drawing, writing poems and making creative articles. Publishing in journals is the best way to project them and help satisfy the self-actualization need. You can also have entertaining section in journals such as photographs, riddles, teasers etc. By this, a wealth of inspirational and creative ideas is provided which has the ability to connect the head with the heart of the readers.

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It provides a means of placing advertisements. With the growing number of people enrolling themselves into social organisations, placing their company name and brand on these can improve their visibility. We provide knowledge-based recommendations on how to include articles, pictures, commentary and useful perspectives about subjects the reader cares about.

Importance of Internal Communication

  •   Better understanding among members: It improves the exchange of information and understanding among members within your organization and enables to function more efficiently. Communication within can lead to involvement and maximize their value to the organization. Recognition is also a very powerful motivator and it leaves enormous effect on people’s mind. Internal communication performs integrative function also; it helps to make an integrated workforce, strengthens the bond between all and contributes to the smooth functioning of the organization. Relationship among members is very important because members are the real asset.

  •   Spreads vision, values and culture: It helps reinforce vision, values and culture among employees or members within your organization, which will be a guiding factor in their day to day activities. It is the basis for a company’s corporate reputation and enables the organization to function more efficiently. It is a necessity to weld the bonds between an organization and its publics and a house journal is a strong platform to advocate its own point of views, goals and achievements.

  •   Interaction with outside world: The greatest benefit from effective communication is a knowledgeable workforce that is satisfied and productive, which leads to positive interactions and better communications with the outside world and external audience. Everyone is a spokesman of your company and are capable of creating goodwill of the company. Satisfied and happy employees will promote the company and the first step in promoting positive external relations is achieving good internal relations. Apart from telling them about activities going on, it should also tell them of future plans and policies.

  •   Vital for large organizations: As the number of people in your organization increases, direct relationship between people gets practically impossible; and this is where formal internal communication becomes vital. It keeps the downward flow of communication to the employees. The role of these house journals is multifaceted- from being a mouthpiece of management, a platform for sharing views, news and opinion, a tool to disseminate detailed information in a subtle manner yet with authenticity, to ensure employees know what is expected out of them, a facilitator of change for creating common culture in organization. It is basically a platform for two-way communication.

  •   Helps win confidence: Firstly, your organization has to win the confidence of all concerned before earning further credibility, by giving them utmost care and consideration in every sphere of an organizational activity. It is the foundation on which the morale and motivation depends and instills a sense of belonging. It helps to foster a family feeling by taking the workers and staffs into confidence of the management by explaining policies and seeking their interest and cooperation.

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